luck of the IRISH!

I was so so excited to visit Ireland because I have always DREAMED of seeing the Cliffs of Moher. I am obsessed with travel blogs and following travelers on Instagram, so I get so excited whenever I get the opportunity to see the most beautiful places in the world myself and not just on my phone screen!

I booked a trip to the cliffs through a company called Paddywagon, which is just a huge green bus! I was staying in Dublin, so the ride to the cliffs is a full day tour! My bus driver was amazing!! We sang traditional Irish songs, he told jokes, and he was so informative and told great stories along the way! About halfway to the cliffs, our driver got a phone call that the cliffs were closed because of high wind warnings!! Everyone on the bus was obviously SO upset, and we had already come so far. So despite the warning, our driver pushed along! When we got to the cliffs, they were “technically” closed, meaning that you could walk out to them at your own risk. Well of course everyone did!! We didn’t drive all this way to not see them, right?!! I am so happy it worked out because they truly are magical. The wind was crazy, and I mean… I have NEVER been in that strong of winds before, I was blowing everywhere! And my scarf blew off the cliffs!! But never the less it was so worth it!!

Other than the cliffs, Ireland is just amazing!! The pubs are so fun, the beer is so good, and the people are so friendly! I visited the Guiness house and learned all about how they make Guiness, learned how to pour the perfect glass of Guiness, and enjoyed my perfect glass in the Guiness house sky deck with an incredible view of Dublin!


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