oh my GAUDI!

As someone who studied Art, visiting Barcelona was at the top of my list! Gaudi, Gaudi and more Gaudi!! It was absolutely surreal to see my Art History textbooks come to life right before my eyes!

Next goal, visit the Sagrada Familia when it’s finished…. in 10 years.

But besides all the Gaudi magnificence, Barcelona is so wonderful! The people are so lively and friendly, the food is TO DIE FOR (paella in particular) and not to mention the Sangria… mmmm!!



My best friend and I also went on a day tour that included a helicopter ride over the Barcelona beaches and a little boat ride! It was kinda hazy and cold on the boat (sadly) but still so much fun! and so beautiful!!! This was my first time in a helicopter and IT WAS SO FUN!! I am dying to go again!

Barcelona was definitely one for the books, but in the future, I want to go back in the summertime so I can enjoy the beaches under the WARM SUN instead of bundled in a scarf lol!


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